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The new Doom campaign turns around Steam user reviews

After negative reaction to multiplayer open beta.

When Doom's multiplayer launched in open beta form, it suffered at the hands on Steam user reviews.

As we reported in April, Doom's multiplayer had a "mostly negative" Steam user review rating from, at the time we published our story, a whopping 12,267 user reviews. 7634 of those user reviews were "negative". 4633 were "positive".

Now the game has launched, the turnaround is complete. The Steam store page for the Doom multiplayer beta was replaced with a new Steam store page for the release version of the game, which means those positive and negative multiplayer reviews have been scratched out. The new Doom, upon release, enjoyed a clean slate.

Doom is sitting on a "very positive" Steam user review rating from, at the time of publication, 9510 reviews. 8841 of those reviews are positive. 669 are negative.

So, what's going on? Many PC gamers reacted negatively to the multiplayer in the new Doom. Common complaints included the weapons not feeling punchy enough, movement speed not feeling fast enough, and an objection to the inclusion of things like loadouts and progression. In short, the new Doom's multiplayer didn't feel much like old-school Doom at all.

At the time, fans pinned their hopes on Doom's campaign. Now, it looks like they were not disappointed. Doom's campaign did the trick.

Here's a snippet of the response:

As Eurogamer reviewer Edwin Evans-Thirlwell wrote in our Doom review:

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