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Doom's soundtrack contains satanic Easter eggs

The number of the beast.

Id Software's new Doom reboot really hearkens back to the good old days of gaming with its swift movement and brazen dismissal of reloading as a concept, and here's yet another way Doom feels like an "edgy" 90s adventure: The soundtrack contains hidden satanic imagery.

As outlined in the following video by YouTuber Nerd Sauce (via Reddit), the song Cyberdemon encodes the number 666 and images of pentagrams in its frequencies.

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In another video, below, YouTuber FaceLikeTheSun runs Cyberdemon through spectogram software iZotope RX 5 and the results are impressive.

Doom's soundtrack was composed by Mick Gordon. For more on his contributions to id's latest shooter, here's a couple of videos going behind the scenes on his heavy metal soundtrack.

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