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Watch: The video game theme parks that would be immediately shut down

Plus more from Outside Xbox.

Theme parks are meant to be happy places, but video game theme parks often don't make the grade on account of poor ride safety or how they're more haunted than a ouija board factory built on the burned-down remains of another ouija board factory.

Take Atlantic Island Park from survival horror The Park, for instance, or Left 4 Dead 2's Whispering Oaks Amusement Park. Where Atlantic Island Park has a murderer in a chipmunk costume, Whispering Oaks' mascot appears to be "a whole bunch of zombies".

Either is mechanically safer than Gotham's Seagate Amusement Park from Batman Arkham Knight DLC A Matter of Family, however, which could only be called a theme park if you consider "rickety abandoned oil rig" to be a theme.

Marginally safer, because only half the people there are actively trying to kill you, are the maps from Overwatch, the upcoming multiplayer shooter from Blizzard.

Though most of the maps are fun places to get some quality shooting time in, Overwatch features a London map that is just the latest in a long line of bleak representations of the city that Outside Xbox calls home. Join us for a Show of the Week about Overwatch and some other terrible Londons in games.

Finally this week, Fallout 4's new Far Harbor DLC sends you to the island of Far Harbor looking for a missing person. What you find when you get there is a mysterious synth refuge, radioactive fog and some highly aggressive fish. Watch Mike and I get to grips with the first hour of the DLC and put a lobster trap on our heads in this Xbox One gameplay.

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