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F1 2016 reintroduces safety car and career mode to Codemasters' series

Kick in the Haas.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Codemasters' second F1 game on the current generation of consoles will restore some of the features absent in last year's F1 2015, with F1 2016 reintroducing the career mode, the safety car and also bringing a host of other improvements.

Last year's F1 game was a strong start for Codemasters on PS4 and Xbox One, with great handling and an attractive makeover for the series only being let down by a lack of features that had become established in previous games. F1 2016 looks like a return to the more expansive older games, with a 10-year career that sees you take your own avatar throughout the F1 field as well as the inclusion of hospitality areas that act as a hub (and feature recognisable faces from the F1 paddock - say hello to Haas' Guenther Steiner in one of the new screenshots below).

F1 2016 will also feature the ludicrous looking new street circuit in Baku that's making its debut next month.

The safety car returns, and with it the implementation of the Virtual Safety Car too, while elsewhere it's possible to edit the time of day settings, as displayed in the batch of new screens. Where, though, will we find young Max Verstappen in the game? Hopefully we'll find out a little more ahead of F1 2016's release later this summer on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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