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Samorost 3 audio recordings are more ridiculous than Samorost 3

Get into character.

Samorost 3 is a very peculiar game, albeit an immensely charming one. The non-verbal throwback to point-and-click adventures of yore is best known for its enchanting visual style and bizarre audio. And now developer Amanita Design has released a video showing us how these crazy sound effects were produced.

Surprisingly, much of it was a cappella work with voice actors inherently making ridiculous faces to emote the correct notes.

There's also a lollipop being used to strum a pair of banjos, just to ensure that sweet lollipop sound. At one point, a cello is subtly manipulated with a paperclip for reasons I cannot understand.

Cover image for YouTube videoMaking of Samorost 3 Sound Design and Music

I reviewed Samorost 3 upon its launch in March where I said it "doesn't reinvent the archaic genre it stubbornly sticks to, but it knows how to make it sing."

Samorost 3 is out now on PC and Mac with iOS and Android versions currently in development.