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Samorost 3 release date set for March on PC and Mac

Machinarium dev's latest also coming to iOS and Android this year.

Samorost 3, the upcoming adventure by Machinarium and Botanicula developer Amanita Design, is coming to PC and Mac on 24th March.

The developer confirmed to Eurogamer that Samorost 3 will also arrive on iOS and Android platforms later this year.

Amanita Design cut its teeth making point-and-click adventure games with the first two Samorost titles before the Czech developer made a name for itself with Machinarium in 2009. The first Samorost came out in 2003 and is entirely free, while its 2007 sequel, Samorost 2, costs $5 (about £3.50) but offers a free demo covering the first half of the rather short game. Both titles follow the exploits of a gnome astronaut and his dog.

Samorost 3 has been in development since 2011, though one assumes Amanita didn't fully commit to it until after Botanicula's launch in April 2012. But even that was four years ago, suggesting this long-delayed return to the studio's roots will be its most ambitious undertaking yet. It sure looks pretty in its new trailer anyway.


Cover image for YouTube videoSamorost 3 Official Trailer