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New Samorost 3 trailer is stupidly beautiful

Botanicula and Machinarium dev's latest is shaping up nicely.

Botanicula and Machinarium developer Amanita Design has revealed a new trailer for its upcoming point-and-click adventure Samorost 3.

Revealed way back in 2013, word on Samorost 3 had gone quiete for a while, but it appears to be right on track for its release later this year on PC, Mac, iOS and Android platforms.

Samarost was the Czech developer's first game from way back in 2003, long before the studio caught much attention in the public eye with Machinarium in 2009. It followed the adventures a space gnome trying to save his home asteroid from collision with another asteroid. It's browser-based and you can play the entirety of it for free right here.

Amanita made a sequel to Samorost in 2007 that won the IGF award for Best Web Browser Game. It's not terribly long, but it's only $5 (so about £3.50) and there's a demo covering the entire first half of the game as our favourite space gnome must rescue his kidnapped dog.

Samorost 3's visuals are a unique mix of photographs and computer-generated images.

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Samorost 3

Android, iOS, PC, Mac

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