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The people behind Machinarium don't just make crazy video games

They make crazy music videos, too.

Czech Republic studio Amanita Design is best known for making beautiful point and click adventures Machinarium, Botanicula and Samorost, but it does more than develop video games.

It also makes music videos.

The video, below, is for the single Mulatu, from the forthcoming album Nipomo by band Dva. It's the work of animator Jára Plachý and his colleagues at Amanita Design.

Those who've played any of Amanita's games will recognise the art style, which is as bonkers as it is striking. The trademark crazy ramps up around the three minute mark.

In terms of video games, Amanita Design is working on Samorost 3, due out on PC, Mac and iOS and Android platforms in 2015.

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