Key events

Machinarium due on Vita this month

Touted as the best version yet.

Several indie devs rally together against publisher Lace Mamba

Allegedly refused to pay devs, sold games illegally and came up with hilarious excuses.

Machinarium coming to PSN next month

Someone get that man a cookie!

Machinarium PS Vita spotted

UPDATE: Dev reveals Sony yet to confirm game. relaunched to sell newer PC games

Drops the Good Old Games meaning.

FeatureInside Adventure Games

The hitchhiker's guide to videogame adventuring.

FeatureMaking an XBLA Game: The Inside Story

Contracts, exclusivity and outsourced Avatar items.

PlayStation 3 Machinarium "the ultimate version"

Wii U "looks promising" for Samorost 3.

Botanicula out "around" February 2012

Samorost 3 heading to consoles, maybe.

iOS Machinarium is iPad 2 exclusive

Cult indie puzzler too big for iPhone, iPad.

Machinarium coming to iPad this year

Point and click port "almost finished".

Download Games Roundup

Dishwasher! Machinarium! Faction! Chime! Cell!

Machinarium coming to PlayStation 3

Microsoft not interested, claims creator.

Machinarium dev reveals new games in UK

Jakub Dvorský hits Nottingham.

VideoHumble Indie Bundle 2 supports charity

Five top titles, pay what you want.

Machinarium skips XBLA for PSN

MS declined to publish indie game.


Scrapheap challenge.

PC demos for Machinarium, Risen

You should definitely try one of them.

Machinarium gets release date

Mid-October on Steam and others.


The tin man finds a heart.

PAX 10 indie winners picked

Tomorrow's stars today.