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Machinarium coming to PlayStation 3

Microsoft not interested, claims creator.

2009 PC point and click adventure game Machinarium will launch on PlayStation 3.

Speaking at Nottingham Trent University during a GameCityNights events, creator Jakub Dvorský confirmed the game will launch on PlayStation Network later this year.

Dvorský's company Amanita Design will explore a release on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, too.

However, an Xbox Live Arcade version is off the table because, according to Dvorský, Microsoft turned down the game.

"We were already refused by Microsoft to bring the game to Xbox," he told

"They weren't interested because the game was already released for Mac and Windows, and Microsoft demanded it as part of an exclusivity deal.

"We're not interested in Microsoft anymore."

Meanwhile, Dvorský announced he has begun development on three new games.

They are point-and-click adventure games Samorost 3 and Botanicula (screenshots below), and interactive music video Osada.

Samorost 3 is at least two years from release on PC and Mac. Botanicula is due out by the end of this year. Osada will launch as a free download from Amanita Design's website soon.

Dan Whitehead returned an 8/10 in Eurogamer's Machinarium review, saying, "Machinarium is a treat for the senses that demands more of your brain, a paradoxically gentle yet punishing riff on a genre that, until now, had been revived but sadly defanged for modern players."