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Fallout 4 Far Harbor video reveals new companion, weapons, armour and enemies

Maine event.

There's a lot to the Far Harbor add-on for Fallout 4 - and via a new video, below, we learn about much of it.

There may be spoilers ahead.

Let's start with the new companion: Longfellow. Bethesda likens him to Quint from Jaws. That is, he's not very friendly. But he acts as your guide to the island, nonetheless. You'll find Longfellow in a local bar.

You can play through Far Harbor with Longfellow, but you may want to stick with fan-favourite Nick Valentine. If you do, you'll get some insight into the Synth detective's backstory, especially if you bring him with you while you're talking to people.

Meanwhile, there are new enemies. The Fog Crawler stands a bit taller than a Deathclaw and has two large pincers. Sounds lovely.

The Angler is an amphibious monster that lurks under the surface of the water. It's got a lure disguised as a flower common to the island. Crafty.

And the Gulper is a salamander-like creature that comes in various sizes. Sounds... creepy?

The island is home to three groups: a human camp, a group of Synths tucked away high in the mountains, and The Children of Atom, who you'll remember from the Glowing Sea in the base game. Far Harbor reveals more about the mysterious, radiation-immune people, apparently.

There are new weapons, too, including the powerful Harpoon gun. We catch a glimpse of this in the video, and while it shares its name with the Harpoon gun that was discovered buried within the base game's files, it looks different.

There's a new level-action rifle, new fishhook and meat hook melee weapons, and the Radium rifle, which is a submachine gun used by the Children of Atom. It spits out radioactive bullets.

And there's new armour. The Marine armour is the new highest tier armour in the game, Bethesda said. I quite fancy a set of that.

Far Harbor comes out tomorrow, 19th May.

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