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Watch: Ian hunts down a bunch of easter eggs in Fallout 4's DLC

School of dock.

Ian's been playing a Megaton of Fallout these last few days. Specifically, he's been getting stuck into Fallout 4's newest DLC, Far Harbor - or as we've affectionately dubbed it in the office, Fahhaahahbrah. Not content with making a very helpful explainer on how you can get started with the DLC, or even with playing the first four hours in one go for our entertainment, he's now back with another in-depth video in which he tracks down Far Harbor's most interesting easter eggs.

There are the usual witty pop culture references that range from the mainstream to the slightly more obscure, but there are also a couple of secrets that might prove more meaningful - not to mention profitable - to the more clued-in Fallout fans in the audience. Enjoy.

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