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PlayStation All-Stars' Gravity Rush and Starhawk DLC dated next month

Free for the first two weeks.

The previously announced PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale DLC that grants access to Gravity Rush's Kat and Starhawk's Emmett Graves is due on 13th February, developer SuperBot announced on the EU PlayStation Blog.

Kat will be able to use her dastardly gravity manipulation abilities to slide, dash and fly about, while Emmett will be able to erect different structures like flak turrets that fire on their own. He'll also have additional weaponry like shotgun and rocket launcher load-outs in addition to his default pistol and rifle.

SuperBot noted that these characters will receive the same treatment as the rest of the cast, including: alternate costumes, Arcade Mode cut scenes, Trial Modes and even their own official websites that contain their moves and bios.

A new level entitled Fearless will also be out in February. Described as "a mash-up between Heavenly Sword and WipEout" it will still be playable in ranked games online even for those who don't purchase it.

The Kat and Emmett DLC will be free for its first two weeks before it goes up to an as of yet unannounced price.

Looking ahead, SuperBot is set to reveal more new characters in March. For now, check out Kat and Emmett in action in their respective trailers below.

Cover image for YouTube videoPlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale - Kat Trailer
Cover image for YouTube videoPlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale - Emmett Graves Trailer