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Sony releases "the ultimate balance update" for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

And you thought the fight was over.

Thought the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale was over? Sony Santa Monica has released a huge update for the brawler that makes sweeping balance changes to the entire roster of characters.

In a blog post Santa Monica Studio called it "the ultimate balance update". It includes over 100 balance adjustments across all characters as well as gameplay improvements. "This update truly creates a new playing field for all challengers," the developer added.

The update also unlocks third costumes for Zeus and Isaac for players who own them.

The patch notes in full are on the PSASBR forum.

In August last year Sony said no new characters or stages would be released for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale after it ended its relationship with SuperBot Entertainment, the developer it backed to create the game.

That news came after layoffs at the developer and poor sales of the game.

"Over the past months we've read every word, clicked every thread, assessed the game balance inside out, to ensure as best as possible, this balance update would not only bring a superior new challenge to the game, but also feel heavily impacted by your voice," Santa Monica said overnight.

"Thank YOU and our hats off to SuperBot Entertainment for creating an incredible fighting game for PlayStation fans world-wide."

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