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Looks like Lego Star Wars is coming to Xbox Game Pass

UPDATE: It's official.

UPDATE (2pm UK time): It's official, Lego Stars Wars: The Skywalker Saga will head to Xbox Game Pass on 6th December.

ORIGINAL STORY (11am UK time): The Xbox Game Pass account has been teasing its followers with a cryptic clue about an upcoming release for its subscription service, and many believe that it will be Lego Star Wars.

The Game Pass Twitter handle began its own version of a hangman-like teaser a couple of days ago, merely saying it was a fun little guessing game being shared for "no reason in particular".

We were then all told that there were three words to guess, each consisting of four letters, and the second letter of the last word was an A.

Ian ranks a whopping 15 Lego Star Wars games, for your pleasure.Watch on YouTube

The following day the account confirmed this teaser was pertaining to Xbox Game Pass, before unveiling a couple more letters - the second letter of the first word was an E, and the fourth letter of the second word was an R.

This immediately led to the conclusion that the rest of the missing letters would make LEGO STAR WARS (although some seem eager to see METL GEAR SALD), and it would be arriving on Microsoft's subscription service in the near future.

This theory was shared by Tom Warren of The Verge, which in turn caught the eye of the official Lego account. Its reply? A Lego Star Wars TIE-Fighter figure playfully shrugging before reclining on a beach lounger with a cocktail in hand (oh, to be that TIE-Fighter), more or less confirming what we all suspected.

While there aren't enough letters here, it is fair to assume this addition to Game Pass will be the recently released Skywalker Saga, which encompasses all films in the Star Wars series.

In Eurogamer's review of the Skywalker Saga, our Tom called the game's retelling of the films' events "humorous if simple fun", however he felt the open world elements "held less pull".

"TT Games, maybe don't kill the past - and return to those linear levels if you fancy adapting The Mandalorian," he wrote.

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