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21st April 2005

Lego Star Wars

New Star Wars game to be announced?

New Star Wars game to be announced?

Award ceremony teaser would suggest so.

A new Star Wars game looks set to be announced at this year's Video Game Awards ceremony.

That's one way of looking at a new Spike TV teaser video, anyway. Over footage of previous SW games a voice says, "You've seen every film over 200 times, you know the Skywalkers better than your own family, you have a stronger knowledge of the Force than Yoda himself - but one thing you don't know is what's next. Find out at the 2009 Video Game Awards."

Said Awards are being held on 12th December so expect more news then. Will it be a sequel? A brand new franchise? Or just another class or something for Star Wars: The Old Republic? Clouded, the future is etc.

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Warner Bros. buys TT Games

LEGO titles unharmed.

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is shelling out piles of money to acquire developer Traveller's Tales and its parent company TT Games, reports.

Lego Star Wars

Try not to fall to pieces over the puzzles in this one...

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Lego Star Wars II updates

Lego Star Wars II updates

Bonus content for handhelds.

LucasArts has thrown some more info our way on the forthcoming Lego Star Wars II, detailing special content exclusive to the two handheld versions.

Following on from the cute and comical brilliance of the original, Travellers Tales has gone back to the drawing board to make it a bigger, better and more engaging experience.

The PC and console versions (Xbox 360 was included as a late addition) were covered earlier and include new features such as character specific attacks (like Chewbacca tearing arms from sockets), the ability to ride vehicles and mount creatures, and the endless possibilities of the new pick 'n' mix character creation system.

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Lego Star Wars 2 coming?

Rumours of sequel abound.

Rumours are flying all over the Internet that a sequel to Lego Star Wars is currently in development - and so far, we've yet to hear an outright denial.