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Lego Star Wars 2 coming?

Rumours of sequel abound.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Rumours are flying all over the Internet that a sequel to Lego Star Wars is currently in development - and so far, we've yet to hear an outright denial.

It all started when fan site claimed an Xbox magazine is about to publish details on the sequel, which is said to be set during the era of the Original Trilogy. The report, which had pictures and everything, said that you'll be able to create your own vehicles and spaceships using virtual Lego bricks, and design customised characters within the Star Wars universe.

But the report has since mysteriously disappeared from the site - so Eurogamer contacted publisher Giant to find out if the rumour was true. Their representative told us he'd have to "remain tight-lipped for now." Not a definite yes, then, but we're hopeful something official could be announced soon... And that the game will be released on May the 4th.

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