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Voting for the Eurogamer readers' top 50 games of 2022 is open!

Have your say on what tickled your fancy this year.

Hullo! In a time-honoured festive tradition we'd love to hear from you on your favourite games of the year as we prepare the big Eurogamer Readers Top 50 - an annual highlight, if only because it shows what impeccable taste you all have (apart from the years when you might have made some more questionable choices, but let's not squabble shall we? It's Christmas after all!)

There's a slightly tweaked format this year as we move to a new platform - so if you'd kindly leave your EG username in the survey alongside your comments then we can properly attribute them when we run the final piece over the Christmas break. It's always a highlight of EG's Christmas programme and this year there'll be plenty more, with our own top 30 games of the year plus a feast of write-ups on some of our favourite games and a bit more besides.

And quickly before I leave you, a quick note to say thanks for sticking around throughout 2022. It's been a funny year with the slimmest line-up of blockbusters I can recall, but it's been saved as ever by a steady stream of fascinating smaller games such as Tunic, Signalis and - my personal favourite - the unfortunately named Drainus (stop giggling at the back). I guess Elden Ring wasn't so bad either.

So without further ado, let us know what you made of 2022. I'm looking forward to reading your comments! We'll be drawing in results towards the end of next week, so if you could get your votes and notes in by Tuesday 20th December at 5pm GMT that'd be appreciated. Thank you!

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