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Red Dead Redemption shipments hit 5 million

Plus: 17 million GTA IV discs now shifted.

Just a few weeks after the game's release, Take-Two has announced that more than 5 million copies of Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption have now been shipped.

RDR was released in the US on 18th May and hit Europe three days later. The announcement came as part of the publisher's latest financial report.

"RDR was successful because it does not involve aliens, or army men, and was a new franchise," said chairman Strauss Zelnick (as reported by VG247). "It was successful because it was not a reiteration of an old franchise."

And RDR isn't the only Rockstar game pulling in the big bucks for Take-Two. More than 17 million copies of Grand Theft Auto IV have now been sold around the globe, two years after release.

So can we expect our first sneak peak at GTA V in LA next week? No, in short - Take-Two confirmed that Rockstar won't be putting an appearance in at E3, as announced previously.

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