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Red Dead Redemption co-op DLC dated

Updated with altered PS3 arrival.

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Update: Rockstar has clarified that the PS3 version of Outlaws to the End will be released on 23rd June.

Original story: Rockstar has given the co-op Red Dead Redemption DLC a 22nd June release date on Xbox 360.

The Outlaws to the End pack includes are six maps for between two and four people to play through together. Walton's Gold, River and Ammunition are three of these - the other three we've not been told about.

The Rockstar website says we'll hear more about them in the coming weeks.

Red Dead Redemption will receive a title update next week to address multiplayer connectivity and the Mo Van Barr bounty.

Rockstar also plans to make more DLC in the future.

Check out our recent in-depth hands-on with Red Dead Redemption multiplayer for more on that side of the game.

Red Dead's free-roam multiplayer.

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