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Metro 2034 a possibility for PS3

Sequel overrode 2033 port, says author.

Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky reckons the newly revealed sequel - and conversion of his novel - Metro 2034 will also head to PS3.

Metro 2033 was offered only on PC and Xbox 360. Glukhovsky, on his blog (kindly translated by a reader), said converting that game to PS3 would have taken Ukraine developer 4A-Games six months. And that's ages.

The simple solution to this problem was to move on to a sequel, he explained.

Glukhovsky added that porting Metro 2033 to Xbox 360 from PC took just 19 days. But whereas 4A-Games was bursting with PC/Xbox 360 coders, PS3 architects weren't as numerous.

Metro 2034 was outed by THQ core games boss Danny Bilson yesterday. He didn't offer a date or platforms, but he, however, tell us the game will be offered in 3D.

Metro 2033, an atmospheric subway-based shooter, was released in March this year. Eurogamer analyser Jim Rossignol liked what he played.

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Metro 2033

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