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Sony dances with VIS for PS2's action-adventure

Brave: The Search for Spirit Dancer is a coming of age tale of a young Native American boy searching for his shaman father.

Sony has announced the forthcoming summer release of a new third-person PS2 action-adventure developed by Edinburgh-based VIS entertainment.

Brave: The Search for Spirit Dancer is the story of a young Native American boy called "Brave", who has to find the Spirit Dancer - his father, and also the greatest Shaman who ever lived - to help save his village from enslavement at the hands of the evil Wendigo.

Along the way, Brave will have to hunt wolves, canoe down river rapids, track Sasquatch through a blizzard, battle through a stampede on the back of a buffalo, and master combat with a tomahawk and a bow and arrow to take down giant bees, wolves, bears, paint beetles, rock goblins, cliff ogres and skeletal warriors controlled by Wendigo, amongst other things.

Brave will also learn how to swim, dive, climb trees, leap across rock-faces and use ice axes to make it across frozen waterfalls, and will develop skills like animal tracking, mimicry and survival.

He'll also be taught the ways of a Shaman - including how to summon the Great Eagle Spirit and fly on its back and how to possess creatures that run the range from rabbit to bear. The Spirit Eagle will also award Brave with Eagle feathers, which allow him to collect spirit energy and increase his strength.

More details and shots of Brave are presumably waiting to be summoned in the near future.

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