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Ubi to publish piratey MMOG

Are you a friendly pirate?

Ubisoft is planning to publish a pacifistic pirate MMO this April as it aims to expand its range of massively-multiplayer titles. Developed by Three Rings Design, Puzzle Pirates is already available to trial and play online.

Ironically, given the subject matter, it's positioned as a non-violent social game where players pillage the seven seas with friends and tackle eleven little puzzle games along the way.

There'll be political alliances to pay attention to, shops to take control of, trade networks, player-colonised islands and "a dense web of Piratey intrigue to fill out the higher level gameplay".

It's due out this April in the US for $19.99 with a free month of play bundled, and then it will require a $9.95 monthly subscription fee after that expires to continue playing. The retail version also includes exclusive in-game items and single-player versions of the game's more popular puzzles.

It may sound a bit simple, but we know some of you like your massively-multiplayer gaming to be a bit more laid back and friendly and this sounds like it could fill a gap - or at least cover one over with a gangplank.

For more info and the opportunity to get involved with a free trial version, check out the official website.

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