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Free TrackMania for Mirror readers

Digital Jesters is to give away a complete version of TrackMania with Friday's Daily Mirror newspaper in the UK.

Britsoft publisher Digital Jesters is to give away a full version of its critically acclaimed racing/puzzle crossover PC title TrackMania with a national UK newspaper tomorrow as part of its efforts to promote the sequel, TrackMania Sunrise.

Buyers of tomorrow's Daily Mirror newspaper will be able to collect a coupon from inside, take it to their local GAME store and present it for a free copy of "TrackMania: Power Up!", the game's most recent retail revision, worth £19.99.

In addition to that, the freebie will come with a £5-off voucher which can be redeemed against the price of Sunrise when it's released, and it will enable you to play the TrackMania Sunrise beta demo - currently only available to owners of the original retail version.

Digital Jesters' marketing director Leo Zullo expects the promotion to go down very well with punters. "We felt that with Sunrise coming, people needed to sample the TrackMania experience," he told us this afternoon. "The only way of doing that was through a mainstream newspaper."

According to Zullo, the version of TrackMania to be given away with the Mirror tomorrow is a fully functional copy of the game, and the only limitation of any sort is that the online servers used by the Mirror-mounted version will be taken down at the end of April to make way for Sunrise. Owners would still be able to play the game offline.

As you may have spotted, you can read about TrackMania Sunrise elsewhere on the site today. First impressions here.

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