TrackMania Sunrise

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25th October 2005

TM Sunrise eXtreme trailer

6th April 2005

TrackMania Sunrise

New TrackMania out this year

Beta should kick off next month.

TrackMania developer Nadeo has told Eurogamer that the new TM compilation will be in the shops by the end of the year. Nadeo also revealed that a beta is scheduled to start some time around the end of August / start of September so they can try out all the new network features.

TrackMania compilation coming

All games and add-ons included.

The TrackMania United website has revealed details of the new compilation that's set to include all the previously released games and add-ons in the series.

TM Sunrise eXtreme released

It's free, too. bRilliant!

Nadeo's promised TrackMania Sunrise expansion, eXtreme, has been released - and, in case you'd forgotten, it's entirely free! Hurrah!

TM Sunrise eXtreme trailer

TM Sunrise eXtreme trailer

Cunning stunts from funning fans.

Nadeo's released a 62MB trailer for TrackMania Sunrise eXtreme, the free expansion pack for TM Sunrise that it plans to release next month.

The trailer's not your usual half-a-minute-of-logos-followed-by-cigarette-man-voiced-rendering though. Instead the developer enlisted the help of community stunt heavyweights to compile just over two minutes of (surprisingly well edited) "freestyling".

Nadeo points out that eagle-eyed viewers will be able to see some of the new block types available for use in eXtreme's level editor tool. We were too busy marvelling at the chaps sliding their cars' underbellies along a narrow ledge in a sort of automotive conga line.

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TrackMania remade in Sunrise

Kinda like Counter-Strike: Source, but for sexy jumping cars.

Those joygiving stewards of the brilliant at Nadeo have decided that instead of releasing the old TrackMania to "sale-a-brate" its release on budget, it'd be far cooler to release an enhanced version of the original done up in the TrackMania Sunrise engine. Those guuuuuys. And there's a demo too, which you can grab on their site.

Free TM Sunrise expansion

Free TM Sunrise expansion

Apparently it's "eXtreme".

TrackMania Sunrise fans can look forward to a freely downloadable expansion pack this winter featuring new track pieces and various other additions, publisher Digital Jesters said this week.

A trailer for the pack, rather worryingly dubbed "TrackMania Sunrise eXtreme", has already started circulating, and the initial reaction has been comparisons to games like F-Zero and Rollcage, with one forum-goer claiming to have been reminded of Terminal Velocity.

We're big fans of TrackMania Sunrise, which took its predecessor's idea of letting players build their own tracks and race them and spun it into several new game modes, several of which were almost good enough to overshadow the central build-your-own-track idea.

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