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TrackMania remade in Sunrise

Kinda like Counter-Strike: Source, but for sexy jumping cars.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Those joygiving stewards of the brilliant at Nadeo have decided that instead of releasing the old TrackMania to "sale-a-brate" its release on budget, it'd be far cooler to release an enhanced version of the original done up in the TrackMania Sunrise engine. Those guuuuuys. And there's a demo too, which you can grab on their site.

The enhanced budget version features various items added in Sunrise (an editor, painter, media tracker, multiplayer features) and even includes Platform and Stunt modes. Platform, you may recall, was one of the things we found most compulsive about the irrepressably compulsive Sunrise when we reviewed it earlier this year.

The demo version, now available for whatever it costs you to download 134MB, includes three Stunt races, three Platform challenges, various Puzzle races and three technical tracks in addition to the original Racing mode. In fact, it's all of the Desert stuff that appears in the full game - a quite considerable chunk of fun.

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