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TrackMania compilation coming

All games and add-ons included.

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The TrackMania United website has revealed details of the new compilation that's set to include all the previously released games and add-ons in the series.

According to the site, "The Stadium environment from TrackMania Nations, already played by millions of players, will benefit from a new version with twice more blocks". You can also expect "a whole new set of functionalities both for online and solo play".

And that's not all - the MediaTracker will let you create cinematic sequences and replay movies, and you'll be able to enhance your tracks with music, pictures and videos. The Model Importer can be used to import vehicles, Painter does what it says on the tin, and the integrated Peer2Peer network will let you share your creations with other TrackMania fans.

Apparently the first TrackMania game was created for "fun", the second for "sensations", and the third one for "sport" - and TrackMania United, apparently, will be "Existential".

Eh? Well, according to the website, "a game that is not Existential is the same as a book that is not read".

Eh, again? "By playing TrackMania United, your action will exist, you will exist. You will have a ranking on every track in your God's forsaken place at the end of the world. Your creations will be rated by the players. You will receive news about the oncoming competitions, to compete or to watch." You'll also get to track the progress of the best players, otherwise known as the "Mania Stars", and follow your team's ranking.

"Whether you are in contact with other players or not, your actions will have an impact on the TrackMania world, and you will have a reaction from them."

The dev team is promising to "do some incomprehensible nonsensical stuff that will not necessary give anything worthwhile anyway". Brilliant.

"But we are going forward, exploring new possibilities, and we are sure we will find new rock solid concepts with the most constructive community ever."

A release date for TrackMania United has yet to be announced.

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