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Marvel vs. EA exposed?

The Marvel/EA beat-'em-up crossover has been revealed to a certain extent by writer/filmmaker Greg Pak, who talks about the plot and gives us a new name - Marvel Nemesis: The Imperfects.

Details of Electronic Arts' beat-'em-up crossover with Marvel Comics have emerged this week after writer/filmmaker Greg Pak spoke of his involvement in the project in an interview here.

Dubbed Marvel vs. EA in the gaming press in the absence of a proper title (and in deference to the entertaining Marvel vs. Capcom series that came previously, before a few million of EA's silver shillings tempted the comic firm into a more lucrative deal), all we previously knew was that it would pit an array of Marvel's famous heroes against a roster of brand new, EA-made superheroes.

According to Pak, however, the accompanying comic book at least is now known as "Marvel Nemesis: The Imperfects", and Pak says of the EA heroes that "folks are going to be blown away by their design and powers". Although he doesn't reveal any details on the EA roster, which may well be revealed at E3, he does have a few words to say about the narrative and indicates that the game will be released this autumn.

"The series will be published as a lead-up to an EA video game release this fall and involves an alien scientist who clashes with a series of Marvel heroes when he comes to Earth to create a team of technologically transformed super-warriors," said Pak. "So for the past few months, I've been working with Marvel editor Mark Paniccia and the EA creative team to develop a story which'll be an exciting, compelling epic in its own right while introducing the characters and setting up the conflicts which'll be explored in the game."

"We're exploring that hidden core of doubt which may plague even the greatest heroes as the Marvel characters and the new EA heroes struggle with the temptation of 'perfection' offered by the alien scientist's transformative technology," he added.

Whether that'll sate fans angry at the series heading from Capcom - with its line-up of tried and trusted heroes - over to mega-publisher EA - a firm with virtually no proven character-driven franchises that fit into the same bracket - remains to be seen. At the time of the original deal, Penny-Arcade captured the mood, memorably ranting, "was the Marvel/Capcom collaboration just too awesome?"

This week an EA spokesperson sagaciously noted, "That article focuses on the comic book," whilst loud screeching noises could be heard over the phone as a super-cat fought valiantly against an attempt to be thrust back in the bag.