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Konami unveils MGS3 Euro additions

Duel Mode and Demo Theatre backed up by a new difficulty level and camo/face paint designs. But is that enough?

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Konami has finally outlined the full extent of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater's European additions ahead of the game's release in PAL territories on 4th March.

In addition to the Duel Mode for tackling the game's boss characters one by one once they've been unlocked and a Demo Theatre for watching the movie sequences whenever you like, the PAL versions will also boast a new difficulty level and more face paint and camouflage designs.

The "European Extreme" difficulty level will be terrifyingly difficult, we imagine (probably far too much so for our liking!), but there are also new face paint designs as well as the winning designs from Konami's global camouflage creation competition to sample.

Whether that will make up for the delay between the US and European releases in the eyes of series' fans remains to be seen, but we're a little disappointed there's no Making Of DVD like the one we had last time.

Still, MGS3 is a wonderful game - far more like MGS1 than its oft-derided successor - and we reckon most people will agree it's been worth the wait when it pitches up on 4th March. We will of course take a closer look at the PAL version nearer the time.

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