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Sony declines to comment on SOCOM III rumours

A third SOCOM title may be on its way to the PS2, just as a PSP version may be in development, but you're not going to get confirmation out of 'em any time soon.

Sony has declined to comment on reports that it's preparing to announce SOCOM III for PlayStation 2 or that a version of the popular online shooter is in development for the PlayStation Portable handheld.

It wouldn't be much of a surprise to learn that a third SOCOM PS2 game is in the offing - and we'll certainly not bat an eyelid if we saunter toward Sony's stand at this year's E3 and discover various playable units showing off the game, which has been a pillar of the PS2 Online service to date.

As for the PSP version - given SOCOM's popularity on the PS2, particularly in the States, the chances are that Sony America is entertaining the idea at the very least. Whether both games are "confirmed" as reports are stating, however, still remains to be seen.