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Latest Steam Deck update adds game-specific performance settings

Hot stuff.

Valve has released patch notes for the Steam Deck's latest update, which include the very welcome addition of game-specific performance settings.

To access this new feature, users must simply hop into their deck's 'quick access menu', and then select the 'performance' option. From here, click into 'advanced view'.

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When the per game settings are then toggled to the 'on' option, a "profile for the currently running title is created." Once you have edited the settings in this profile to your liking, they will be saved and applied automatically when you launch said game.

While this is all very nice, if you ultimately decide this new feature isn't for you, you can simply toggle the per game setting's feature back to off and this will take your games back to the system's default settings.

Along with this update, users should also notice an improvement in the deck's performance when switching between online and offline modes. This includes improvements in the availability of home screen sections.

Additionally, if you are looking for your rumble and haptic toggles and can't find them, don't worry, you aren't losing it. They have just been moved from the 'quick access menu' to the 'controller settings' page.

Speaking of things being moved around, you will now also find the re-order controllers option in the 'quick access menu', under 'Other'.

You can check out the full notes on this update here.

If you are still not sure if the Steam Deck is for you, you can check out Digital Foundry's review here.

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