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Monument Valley series is coming to PC in July

A new perspective.

The Monument Valley series, the much-loved mobile puzzle games, are coming to PC via Steam as the Panoramic Collection.

That includes the first game, its sequel, and the DLC packs associated with them: Forgotten Shores and Ida's Dream for the first, and The Lost Forest for the second.

Each game has received expanded visuals to work on the larger screen, as well as an ultra-wide 21:9 aspect ratio for full immersion.

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The Panoramic Edition of each game will cost £6.99, or they can be purchased as the Panoramic Collection bundle with a 15 percent discount. They will be available from 12th July.

"We believe that Monument Valley: Panoramic Collection is the most sublime way to play these games and are thrilled to introduce their unique worlds to a whole new audience. It is our hope that these remastered versions of the beloved series will provide a meaningful experience to seasoned and new players alike,'' said ustwo games game director Jennifer Estaris.

The games have collectively won 29 awards, including the BAFTA British Game Award 2015 and the Game Awards Best Mobile Game 2017, and have been downloaded 100 million times globally.

"These are beautifully made games, and they seem to me to raise a number of questions about craft in games, about the relationship between the player and the designer, and about the roles, as it were, that the player and the designer often inhabit in unstated ways," said Eurogamer's Christian Donlan in his feature on the Monument Valley series.

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