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Introducing Eurogamer's new look guides team

Welcoming Jessica to the team - and a big congratulations to Lottie.

I'm delighted to be able to bring you news of some changes to our guides team here at Eurogamer, with a new member whose name you might have seen crop up in recent weeks and a new role for a name you're likely already familiar with.

Early last month we were joined by the brilliant Jessica Orr as our new guides writer, and in that short space of time she's already delivered some incredible work on titles ranging from Fortnite through to Rogue Legacy 2. We've all been hugely impressed, and I can't wait to see what she does next for us.

Jessica has been working alongside Lottie Lynn, who I'm also delighted to announce is our new guides editor. Lottie's been a core part of the team since 2019, delivering meticulously researched and laid out guides (while also entertaining us with her tales of Runescape, applying her Pokémon expertise in our reviews, helping organise our Pride Week coverage or enlightening us about Gef the talking mongoose), and has stepped up to take on the duties of former section editor Matthew Reynolds since he's taken on his new role as managing editor. It's a well-deserved promotion for Lottie, and I'm excited to see where she takes the section next.

Guides are an integral part of what we do here at Eurogamer - and as huge traffic drivers, they play a big role in helping keep us afloat - and we've always taken great pride in delivering the most approachable, no-nonsense and easy to use pages on the big games you're playing. It's service journalism at its purest level, and I like to think we offer one of the better services out there when it comes to helping you get the most out of your games - and I'm looking forward to seeing that approach prosper with our new look guides team in place.

So without further ado, please welcome Jessica to the team - and offer a hearty congratulations to Lottie!

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