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Nintendo Switch Sports streamer breaks TV, discovers Joy-Con straps are there for a reason

Wii tried to warn you.

Last week, Nintendo issued a warning for parents, asking them to ensure that their children always stand far enough away from the TV screen to avoid hitting it, and far enough away from others to avoid any unintentional fisticuffs.

But alas, even after this warning, and the Wii-era experiences predating this time in our lives, it turns out that many still need to be reminded about the Joy-Cons handy little wrist straps, and why they are actually there. Specifically, when taking part in Nintendo's latest offering: Switch Sports.

Cover image for YouTube videoNintendo Switch Sports - Overview Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Sports came out several days ago, and in that time, many have been streaming their own exploits in the fitness themed world it provides. However, while these streams have given many a small taster of the sports that they too could try if they decide to purchase the game, they have also given us a peak into the lives of some Nintendo rebels, who choose to forgo safety warnings.

In short, yes, many a Joy-Con has been hurled unceremoniously across the room and into an unsuspecting screen.

Twitch streamer 63man (via Nintendo Life) was mid rally in Switch Sports' tennis when his backhand shot, erm, backfired. Rather than winning the point, 63man's Joy-Con came flying out of his hand (at quite an impressive speed), hit his screen and resulted in him losing not just the point, but also his screen's usability.

Cover image for YouTube videoStreamer Destroys Monitor Playing Nintendo Switch Sports

Similarly, Reddit user Equivalent_Actuary_6 shared a photo of their ruined TV screen, once again attributing the lack of wrist strap use while playing Switch Sports as the reason for their screen's new look.

So, word to the wise. Wear those little wrist straps. It's a hell of a lot cheaper than a broken screen and a red face.

That being said, the leg strap also comes with its own hazards...