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Iconic Wii Sports Mii Matt joins Switch Sports

The GOAT is back.

Matt, one of the most famous faces from Nintendo Wii Sports era, is now available in Switch Sports for those that are looking to up their game.

"Interested in a tougher challenge in #NintendoSwitchSports," asked Nintendo. "Try entering ZR + R + A or ZL + L + → on the difficulty select screen."

Bring your A game to Nintendo Switch Sports.

This text in itself wasn't enough to set the internet ablaze. However, the picture accompanying the news was. Why? Because it showed Matt with his new 'legend' title brandishing a baton ready to take on players (thanks, IGN).

Matt, of course, found fame in Wii Sports as the final boxing champion players face in the ring. He also showed up as an incredibly skilled swordsman in Wii Sports Resort.

"You're right, Nintendo, Matt is a legend," wrote one commenter in response to this news. "The goat MATT has returned!!!!," enthused another.

Needless to say, people are excited by this move from Nintendo.

If you are yet to have a go battling it out in Nintendo Switch Sports for yourself, here is what Donlan had to say in his review:

"It's fine as a solo game, but online, say, with all four players, it's an absolute riot. It's brutal. Who knew a game of timing could make you so furious? Who knew putting yourself in just the right spot, hitting the ball and seeing it go green - which means the timing was perfect, I think - would bring such angry joy? Volleyball!"

In case you couldn't tell from his enthusiasm, Donlan gave Switch Sports a Recommended badge on its release.

Elsewhere in the news, a recent update to the game added several new additions to Switch Sports, including leg strap accessory support and fresh volleyball moves.

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