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Nintendo Switch Sports update kicks things up a notch

You've been served.

Nintendo has detailed its incoming update for Switch Sports, which will be available from 26th July.

This update will bring several new additions to the game, including leg strap accessory support and fresh volleyball moves.

Bring your A game to Nintendo Switch Sports.

Firstly, once this update goes live, you will be able to use the game's leg strap accessory in both four-on-four and one-on-one football matches. For those yet to get their hands on this bit of kit, you can purchase one through the My Nintendo Store.

The update will also introduce new volleyball moves, which are called 'Slide Attack' and 'Rocket Serve'. Nintendo promises these moves will "make your spikes even more unpredictable" and allow you to "catch your opponents by surprise right from the start of the match".

Finally, we will all soon have some new rankings to strive for. Nintendo is introducing both S Rank and ∞ Rank (which I am reading as an Infinity Rank).

Nintendo has promised more content to come, with golf set to make its way into the game along with autumn's free update.

Eurogamer gave Nintendo Switch Sports a Recommended badge on its release, with Donlan calling it a "treat".

Speaking about the game's volleyball inclusion, he wrote: "It's fine as a solo game, but online, say, with all four players, it's an absolute riot. It's brutal.

"Who knew a game of timing could make you so furious? Who knew putting yourself in just the right spot, hitting the ball and seeing it go green - which means the timing was perfect, I think - would bring such angry joy?"

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