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Nintendo Switch Sports' golf update has been delayed

Not on par.

The golf update for Nintendo Switch Sports has been delayed.

Originally aiming for an autumn release, it will now arrive as a free holiday update this year to allow for "a bit more time for development".

The news came via Nintendo's latest Direct, which included some extra information about the mode.

Nintendo Switch Sports – Golf Update – Nintendo Switch

It will include 21 holes from the Wii Sports series, which can be played locally or online.

Online play will support up to eight players playing simultaneously in survival golf, where elimination is based on the number of strokes - those with the most will be knocked out.

Golf will join the existing volleyball, football (soccer), badminton, tennis, and chambara options.

Donlan was impressed with Nintendo Switch Sports on its release in May, describing it as "a treat" in both offline and online play.

Then in July an update added leg strap support.

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