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Nintendo issues Switch Sports safety warning to avoid children hitting each other

Parents told to accompany kids when playing game.

Nintendo has issued a safety warning for the upcoming Nintendo Switch Sports, telling parents to accompany their children when playing the game.

The advice, posted by Nintendo's Japanese customer support Twitter account (thanks, Nintendo Life), warns that children should take care not to accidentally hit each other while playing.

Anyone playing the game should stand a good distance from their TV, the advice continued, so you do not hit the Joy-Con controller on the screen.

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It all brings back memories of some of the early Wii-era mishaps which faced some users - with Wii Remotes left embedded in TV screens, after flying out of people's hands.

As ever, Nintendo again here has instructed players to make sure they have attached their controller's wrist strap and tightened it up, to avoid any airborne Joy-Con issues.

Eurogamer published its early opinions on Nintendo Switch Sports yesterday, though we're holding our final verdict until the game's online multiplayer becomes available at launch.

"Motion controls are delivered in a way in which I have to admit I've barely thought about them yet," Christian Donlan wrote in Eurogamer's Nintendo Switch Sports hands-on. "Why? Because it just all feels entirely natural."

It's the Wii era all over again.

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