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eFootball's Master League will be paid content available in 2023

Plus free updates this year.

New content is coming to Konami's eFootball, but Master League won't arrive until 2023.

The mode is essentially a campaign mode and was popular in the game's previous iteration as Pro Evolution Soccer.

However, in an update thread on Twitter, Konami has stated this mode "will be available as additional paid content during 2023".

The thread also states: "The number of teams that can be used in leagues and club teams will be expanded and distributed as additional paid content by the end of 2022".

It's unclear what exactly this entails. The existing Match mode only allows access to nine licensed teams, so may be expanded - if you're willing to pay.

Free content coming this year includes lobby matches where users can create rooms online and play matches with Dream Teams, coming after summer 2022.

This winter, some editing functions and cross-platform play between all consoles and PC will be added.

These are minimal additions to the beleaguered game that finally received its full release in April after months of delays.

An update last month made a number of changes. The game is currently offline for four days to prepare for its second season, due in two week's time.

"Despite some added substance and structure, eFootball's good ideas are still buried beneath matchmaking issues, weird decisions, and major gameplay bugs," we said in our eFootball review.

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