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Two Point Campus will include a spy school

The name's Campus. Two Point Campus.

Two Point Campus has just revealed its latest class: spy school.

The spiritual successor to Two Point Hospital, the game sees you managing your own campus filled with fantasy lessons.

Spy school will see students donning trench coats and studying the likes of drone flying, target practice, and completing laser-filled obstacle courses.

What's more, rival agents from across Two Point County can infiltrate your school by disguising themselves as spy students. You'll need to sniff them out and expel them, or risk dark secrets being discovered.

The game's wizardry course was previously announced, featuring potion classes and magical duels.

Both join the likes of gastronomy, scientography, and visual normality that we were able to preview a couple of months back.

You can also check out this interview with the developers on the game's sense of humour and inclusive relationships.

Two Point Campus is set for release on 9th August across all platforms. It will also be available day one on Game Pass for Xbox and PC.

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Two Point Campus

PS4, PS5, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch

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