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Two Point Campus will feature wizard duels and potion making

Double double toil and trouble.

Wizard duels, potion brewing, and crystal balls will feature in Two Point Campus's wizardry course.

As wizardry students advance their magic becomes more powerful, which will be needed not just in duels, but in dealing with ancient curses and nefarious enemies looming about the school.

Though the wizardry course has been spotted in previous trailers, a new course reveal video has given a more detailed look at the classes - you can watch it below.

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The trailer shows the classes in action and a look at the wizard-themed customisation options for your school, all with Two Point's trademark humour.

There's even a glimpse of the game's romance-bestowing love trumpet.

A spiritual successor to Two Point Hospital, Campus tasks players with creating and managing their dream school, complete with bizarre courses on which students can enroll.

It was recently delayed and will now release across all platforms on 9th August.

The wizardry course wasn't available when I previewed the game, but I was impressed with the game's mix of strategy with eccentricity. I also chatted to the developers about their sense of humour and the inclusivity of the game's new relationships.