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Pokémon Go details new season, unveils first new character in two years

First Ultra Beast looks set to arrive around Go Fest.

Pokémon Go has detailed its next in-game season, which will take the compulsive creature-catching app through the summer months.

Beginning on 1st June and ending on 1st September, the perhaps unimaginatively named Season of Go will be heavily punctuated by the game's key summer event: Go Fest.

But, happily, there's also more going on - including the recently-confirmed arrival of Pokémon's mysterious extra-dimensional Ultra Beasts. Today, we got our first look at the jellyfish-like Nihilego popping up - appropriately via a wormhole.

Pokémon Go's first Ultra Beast looks set to arrive in the middle of this year's Go Fest - catch a glimpse at the end of the trailer.

Fans are hoping developer Niantic implements the Ultra Beasts in a manner similar to their arrival in Pokémon Sun and Moon, where they invaded the world via extra-dimensional portals and caused all sorts of problems.

And indeed, eager, eagle-eyed fans looking through the game's code have suggested something similar may take place - rather than them simply popping up via Legendary raid eggs.

Alongside all this, Pokémon Go has teased a mysterious new character - the game's first since its introduction of the Team Rocket Leaders Cliff, Sierra and Arlo all the way back in November 2019. Will we battle this person? Will they aid us in researching Ultra Beasts? They seem connected to the game's new wormholes, but as yet we know nothing more.

Fans think this new character will be named Rhi - though their intentions remain a mystery.

Pokémon Go Fest takes place globally in-game on June 4th and 5th, before in-person events in Berlin, Sapporo and Seattle over July and August. A finale event will then wrap everything up on 27th August, for those with global Go Fest tickets.

The Season of Go will also see the game's popular Adventure Week return, which typically features the franchise's fossil Pokémon. A Pokémon TCG crossover event will also take place later in June.

Next month will see some of the game's most popular raid bosses return to rake in players and their raid pass cash. Kyogre and Groudon will feature in the first half of the month, before Mewtwo returns - including with its previously EX-Raid exclusive move Shadow Ball.

One big change happening from 1st June is the ability for players at level 31 and above to start earning Candy XL - the upgrade currency you'll need to power up Pokémon to their highest levels. This was previously locked to above level 40.

Earlier this week Niantic gave more details on Campfire, its upcoming companion app that will let players chat and organise meetups to battle in raids - a long-requested feature.

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