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Shiny Bellsprout, evolution chart, 100% perfect IV stats, and Victrebel’s best moveset in Pokémon Go

Everything to get the most out of Bellsprout Community Day!

Pokémon Go Community Day artwork featuring the Grass-type Bellsprout.
Image credit: Niantic

Bellsprout, the Flower Pokémon, is getting its very first Pokémon Go Community Day in April 2024. Now, when you think Flower you might think something pretty, like Flabébé, Florges or pretty much anything with a traditional flower on it. Bellsprout laughs at this idea, and reminds you that pitcher plants have flowers too. It's not the bit you can see -- Bellsprout doesn't have a flower -- but that's seemingly not important.

Bellsprout, Weepinbell and its final evolution Victreebel famously lack flowers, so we're not sure where that categorisation came from. Still, we're not here to Vorthos what is effectively a juvenile pitcher plant (not a flower); we're here to find out if it is any good in Pokémon Go, from Raids to Go Battle League. If you're still hunting for a perfect 100% IV Bellsprout, Community Day is the one of the best ways to do so!

So, what is a Community Day? For the uninitiated, this is a reoccurring Pokémon Go event that celebrates a specific Pokémon, while boosting shiny rates and offering an exclusive move, along with a whole host of other bonuses.

Bellsprout will be spawning en masse throughout the event, this is the best chance we've had for catching a shiny Bellsprout with 100% perfect IV stats and, if you achieve this feat, it's a good idea to know its evolution Victreebel's best moveset.

Even if you're not fussed on this month's Community Day Pokémon, there are a multiple other bonuses that may get you out and about, playing Pokémon Go, including triple catch Stardust and double catch Candy!

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Bellsprout 100% perfect IV stats in Pokémon Go

April's Community Day is the perfect opportunity to catch an Bellsprout with perfect IV stats.


'Perfect', of course, means two things in Pokémon Go. First, there's the maxed out, 100% IV version, which is the 15/15/15 you're looking for your 4* Pokédex, raids and Master League. Yet, because of how CP is calculated using these three stats, a perfect IV Pokémon is usually only ever the best version of itself in the Master League, raids and Go Rocket battles.

Of course, you can't see the IV of a Pokémon without catching it first, so it helps to know the CPs that a perfect Bellsprout will spawn at.

If you're at Level 30 (or above), you'll ideally be looking for the following CPs for a perfect 15/15/15 Bellsprout:

  • Level 30 (wild CP maximum) - 886 CP
  • Level 35 (weather-boosted wild CP maximum) - 959 CP
  • The wild CP value aligns with your Trainer Level until you reach Level 30 and, due to the majority of the player base now being above this level, we've kept to these values for the sake of simplicity. These values will, however, be different if you're currently below Level 30.

    If you want to run Victreebel in Go Battle League, you're looking for different stats:

    • A perfect Great League Victreebel is 1/15/26, reaching 1497 CP at Level 23
    • A perfect Ultra League Victreebel is 0/15/12, reaching 2499 CP at Level 48.5
    • A perfect Master League Victreebel is 15/15/15, reaching 2748 CP at Level 50
    Community Day always comes with a selection of cute stickers featuring the day's special Pokémon. (Image via

    Bellsprout evolution chart: What does Bellsprout evolve into?

    Bellsprout follows a fairly linear evolution through its design from a juvenile to fully mature pitcher plant. To achieve this, you need 25 Bellsprout Candy to evolve your Bellsprout into Weepinbell, and then a further 100 Bellsprout Candy to get yourself a Victreebel.


    It seems a little disrespectful to call this design on the nose, given its lack of a nose, but it lacks a flower and that didn't stop the Pokémon company, so I guess we're not holding back either.

    You can read more about these three Pokémon below.

    • Bellsprout: No matter what Bellsprout is doing, if it detects movement nearby, it will immediately react by reaching out with its thin vines.
    • Weepinbell: Even though it is filled with acid, it does not melt because it also oozes a protective fluid.
    • Victreebel: It lures prey into its mouth with a nectar-like aroma. The helpless prey is melted with a dissolving fluid.

    So, Bellsprout is attracted to movement -- that doesn't say much more than it's slightly more intelligent than the average plant. The fact that Weepinbell is basically a stomach is the first real nod to its inspiration, although we're obliged to point out that pitcher plants do not contain acid, but a fluid with proteases (enzymes that break down proteins) and microorganisms that help break down its prey.

    Everything in the Bellsprout evolution line is a Grass/Poison-type Pokémon. (Image credit:

    As for Victreebel? That seems pretty accurate -- a real pitcher plant can break down a salamander in just a few weeks. It doesn't, however, need the teeth since it doesn't bite or chew its food. They're mostly there for effect, though again that's not needed. To quote that one guy from Family Guy, "Damn nature, you scary".

    Victreebel's moves and best moveset recommendation

    Victreebel is solid in Great League, a liability in Master League and a naff raid attacker. But this comes with the heavy caveat that Shadow Victreebel is the one you want to run, and you can only get that with a Super Rocket Radar, as it's the Pokémon you get for taking down the Decoy Grunt.


    As with most glass cannons, we want to lean into the glassiness with the Shadow version, hitting harder as a result. It's here for a good time, not a long time.

    Running Magical Leaf, Leaf Blade and Acid Spray, this Grass/Poison type has decent Fast move pressure and a reasonable standing in Great League. Today's Community Day Move, Magical Leaf, is a minor upgrade from our previous recommendation, Razor Leaf. It doesn't hit as hard, but it does generate 60% more energy per hit, helping you get to your spammy Charged moves faster.

    If you want to see the full move set, here it is:

    Victreebel Fast Moves

    • Razor Leaf (Grass)
    • Acid (Poison)

    Victreebel Charged Moves

    • Leaf Blade (Grass)
    • Sludge Bomb(Poison)
    • Leaf Tornado (Grass)
    • Solar Beam (Grass)
    • Acid Spray (Poison)
    Victreebel Legacy Fast Moves
    • Magical Leaf (Grass)
    Victreebel Legacy Charged Moves
    • Return (Normal)

    So what do match-ups look like?

    In Great League, you beat anything that's slightly wet, plus Annihilape, which is good to know. However, you lose against Talonflame (obviously), Skarmory, Lickitung, Galarian Stunfisk and Dragonair.

    Victreebel is in a similar position in Ultra League, where its glassiness is less of an issue, but the competition gets a lot stronger. You still beat the Water types, but lose to Talonflame, Giratina Altered, Cobalion, Cresselia and Steelix.

    Master League, however, is a different story - at a max CP of 2748, your glassy Victreebel will shatter against a featherlight tough. Don't run Victreebel in Master League.

    The World of Wonders Season is coming to an end in Pokémon Go. Make a start on the Masterwork Research: Catching Wonders quest for a Master Ball, Glitz and Glam quest for a Diancie and catch up on the World of Wonders quest before it ends! Don't forget to try out Routes, Gift Exchange and Party Play while you're hunting down rare Pokémon, fighting in the Go Battle League or competing in PokéStop Showcases.

    What does shiny Bellsprout look like?

    Shiny Bellsprout is a pretty obvious one, swapping its green leaves for an autumnal yellow! Matching the bulb that forms its head, this is quite a handsome shiny! Shiny Bellsprout was released in July 2020, as part of the annual summer event.

    Shiny Weepinbell skips winter for spring, going for a greenish tint instead of yellow, pink lips instead of red, and a lighter green pair of leaves. This is a nice nod to the fact that the Pokémon is still growing, and is yet to evolve into shiny Victreebel.

    That said, shiny Victreebel absolutely punts it by taking the green body of shiny Weepinbell and the autumnal leaves of shiny Bellsprout. For no apparent reason, it swaps red lips for blue, making for an altogether confused shiny.

    Shiny Bellsprout and Pidove families
    byu/rivalius13 inTheSilphRoad

    Thanks to Reddit user rivalius13 for the image above.

    Other Bellsprout Community Day bonuses

    Community Days in Pokémon Go always come with a string of bonuses, and Bellsprout Community Day is no different.

    Some of these bonuses are always the same - like increased spawns and increased shiny rates. However, there is a rotating set of other bonuses that come with Community Days, such as double or triple catch Candy, Stardust or XP.

    A full list of Bellsprout Community Day bonuses can be found below:

    • Increased spawns
    • Increased shiny rate
    • Double catch Candy
    • Triple catch Stardust
    • Double chance to receive Candy XL from catching Pokémon (for trainers Level 31 and up). This stacks with your Mega Evolution bonus, so if you have an active Level 3 Mega Evolved Pokémon, you will have whatever 'double excellent chance' works out to be!
    • 3-hour Incense duration (not including Adventure Incense)
    • 3-hour Lure duration (not including Golden Lures)
    • Photobombs - Take a snapshot of your buddy to earn a surprise encounter with Bellsprout (and increase your Cameraman medal) up to five times during the event.
    • Field Research - Spin Pokéstops to get event-exclusive tasks, similar to previous Community Day events. This is likely to be 'Catch 3 Bellsprout' for a couple of Great Balls or Ultra Balls, Stardust, or a Bellsprout encounter.
    • Special Research - For $1.00 (or the equivalent pricing tier in your local currency), you can take part in the exclusive Bellsprout Special Research story.
    • Stickers - Get event-themed stickers by spinning Pokéstops, opening Gifts and from the in-game shop.
    • One additional Special Trade can be made for a maximum of two for the day (until 10pm local time).
    • Trades made will require 50% less Stardust (until 10pm local time).
    • Exclusive move - Evolve Weepinbell during the event or up to five hours afterward to get a Victreebel that know the exclusive attack Magical Leaf (until 10pm local time).
    • Weepinbell raids - After the three-hour Community Day event ends, Trainers will be able to take on four-star Raid Battles. Defeating Weepinbell will cause more Bellsprout to appear in a 300m radius around the Gym for 30 minutes. Note: Remote Raid Passes cannot be used for these raids, and the Pokémon that spawn will have the increased shiny rate that they did during the three-hour Community Day window!

    Good luck finding a perfect Bellsprout!

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