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Where to find Stormtrooper Checkpoint locations in Fortnite

These are the Stormtroopers you're looking for.

You must find a Stormtrooper Checkpoint in Fortnite to complete multiple May the 4th challenges to earn XP in Fortnite.

To complete these challenges, you need to land at a Stormtrooper Checkpoint then place top 25, then complete a bounty from a Stromtrooper, and also drive a vehicle to a Stormtrooper Checkpoint.

Completing each of these three Star Wars Day celebration challenges will reward 30k Fortnite XP, which will help you unlock skins from the new Battle Pass. Completing five of the six challenges available will also unlock the Empire Banner.

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Note this particular challenge is no longer able to be completed. What's new? Chapter 4 Season 2 has arrived! New additions include the Grind Rails and Kinetic Blades, along with the new Battle Pass, character collection and Eren Jaeger skin. It's a good idea to know how to get XP fast in Fortnite.

Where to Land at a Stormtrooper Checkpoint in Fortnite

There are three Stormtrooper Checkpoints in Fortnite:

  • Between Shifty Shafts and Sleepy Sound
  • Between Camp Cuddle and Greasy Grove
  • Southeast of The Joneses

You can see the checkpoints marked on the map before entering a match, but the pins disappear once a game is started. Placing your own custom pin before starting a match can help locate a Stormtrooper Checkpoint easily. Or, you can use our map above to pin locations while playing.

Stormtrooper Checkpoints in Fortnite aren't very big, so be on the lookout for small, grey roadblocks and white dialogue bubbles above a Stormtrooper's head while you're landing to help with finding a checkpoint.

Make sure you land at a Stormtrooper Checkpoint at the beginning of a match to make your top 25 finish count toward completing the May the 4th challenge.

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How to Complete a bounty from a Stormtrooper

To complete a bounty from a Stormtrooper in Fortnite, you need to find a Stormtrooper on the map to talk with and pick up a bounty. Accepting one from a bounty board will not count toward completing this Star Wars challenge.

A bounty must be completed in the same match you accepted it in. A yellow circle will appear on the map and minimap to help with locating the player you need to eliminate.

When you find your bounty, you might want to try eliminating them with a E-11 Blaster Rifle. Getting 1,000 damage with a E-11 Blaster Rifle is another May the 4th challenge that rewards 30k XP upon completion.

You can find an E-11 Blaster Rifle in chests, floor loot, and by purchasing one for 100 gold from a Stormtrooper at a Stormtrooper Checkpoint.

However, you don't actually need to eliminate a bounty yourself, as the challenge will clear even if a player poaches your target before you get there.

How to drive a vehicle from Chonker's Speedway or Logjam Lumberyard to a Stormtrooper Checkpoint

The easiest way to clear this challenge is to land at either Chonker's Speedway or Logjam Lumberyard first, to try and avoid getting caught by the incoming Storm circle.

If you land at Logjam Lumberyard, the closest Stormtrooper Checkpoint to drive to is the one between Shifty Shafts and Sleepy Sound. There will always be some trucks inside Logjam Lumberyard, so just get in one and start driving to the checkpoint.

Landing at Chonker's Speedway means that the closest Stormtrooper Checkpoint is the one southeast of The Joneses instead. There are always lots of speedy cars in the middle of the Chonker's Speedway dirt track to pick from. Follow the road to the east of The Joneses landmark to find the small Stormtrooper Checkpoint.

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