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Here's Vega in Street Fighter 5

Not the face.

Vega is a playable character in fighting game Street Fighter 5.

Vega's reveal trailer shows the Spanish ninja wearing his trademark face mask and cutting up his opponent with his claw.

You'll spot some long-standing Vega special moves, too, including the wall jump.

In SF5 Vega has two distinct fighting modes: with claw and without claw. This means he can sheathe his claw during a fight in exchange for new moves, such as a command grab.

However, Vega will no longer be able to pick up his claw once it's knocked off, so knowing how to fight without the claw is doubly important. There's more on Vega's moves over at Capcom Unity.

Vega is the ninth playable character to be revealed for Street Fighter 5, and joins Ryu, Chun-Li, Nash, M. Bison, Cammy, Birdie, Ken and newcomer Necalli.

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