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PC to get game-sharing via Nvidia GeForce Experience app

Let your friends spectate, take control, or join in co-op.

PC owners will soon be able to share games via Nvidia's GeForce Experience app, which will stream gameplay to friends so that they can spectate or take control.

If it sounds similar to the PlayStation 4's Share functionality, that's because it is.

You will also be able to play in co-op via specific games, such as Trine 3, Gauntlet, FIFA 15, NBA 2K15 or Mortal Kombat Komplete.

"GameStream Co-Op uses the internet, the performance of GeForce GTX PCs, and the low-latency, low-overhead streaming components of GeForce GTX Kepler and Maxwell GPUs," Nvidia explained in a new blog post.

"However you use GameStream Co-Op, you'll be able to hear your friend with built-in voice chat support, which can be activated and toggled in real-time using the new Share overlay."

"Nvidia has built-in hardware streaming for ages, including full Twitch support and 1080p60 video recording with no hit to performance," Digital Foundry editor Rich Leadbetter explained. "This is the next step."

See how it looks in action via the video below:

Cover image for YouTube videoGeForce Experience Early Access Share Beta: New Features Rundown