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Metal Gear Solid's 90s radio drama gets an English fan dubbing

"Snake, answer me. Snake? Snaaaaaaaake!"

Back in 1998 Konami broadcast a 12-part radio drama spin-off of Metal Gear Solid. Directed by Shuyo Murata - who would later go on to co-direct MGS4 - and written by the series' military adviser Motosada Mori, the series was never released in the west. Today Metal Gear fan Josh Griffiths released an English remake of that drama on YouTube and Soundcloud.

Series illustrator Yoji Shinkawa provided the artwork for the liner notes upon the Japanese CD release of the audio drama.

So far only part one, Recon & Rescue, is available, but Griffiths plans to release all 12. This first chapter follows Solid Snake and a new character, Sergeant Allen Iishiba, as they try to track down Meryl and her co-pilots who were shot down over an unnamed desert country.

The Metal Gear Solid radio drama is technically not considered canon to the series, but rather depicts "what if" scenarios where Snake and the gang still work for the US government following the incident at Shadow Moses.

The English voice-acting is rather hokey by today's standards, but feels fairly in-keeping with the cheesiness of the original MGS in 98. Sadly this fan dubbing doesn't have the original game's cast, unlike the Japanese version, but Cliff Thompson pulls off a decent David Hayter impression and the audio editing is well done. You can give it a listen below.

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