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Watch 20 minutes of Mad Max gameplay

Meet lots of colourful characters (and blow most of them up).

A 20-minute section of Avalanche's upcoming Mad Max game has been revealed via IGN at Gamescom.

Set roughly halfway through the game, we see senior producer John Fuller walk us through a day in the life of Max as he deals with the dregs of the wasteland.

Like many open-world games, Mad Max tasks you with finding high vantage points to scour the scenery. Unlike a lot of similar titles, Mad Max requires you to actually observe each point of interest with your telescope before it gets added to your map.

We also get to see a bit of the first-person camera when driving, which Fuller admits isn't as tactically useful as it severely limits your perception of the situation, but it does look cool.

Whether Avalanche's Mad Max game will offer the same sort of gender equality that made Fury Road such a step forward for the action genre remains to be seen, but Fuller noted that at least one woman in peril during this demo will come back to save Max later, so perhaps the full game won't be as conservative as this section where Max must rescue a captured female stronghold leader named Pink Eye. To be fair, Pink Eye's more mature, raggedy appearance does differ from the usual damsel in distress, so perhaps the game will capture the flavour of Fury Road after all.

We'll find out when Mad Max launches 1st September on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Pink Eye is but one of the many colourful characters you'll encounter among the wasteland.

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Mad Max

PS4, Xbox One, PS3, PC

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