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See your face in Football Manager 2005

SI and Sega launch their Face in the Game promotion, offering you the chance to be one of the players who takes over from the current generation.

Sports Interactive likes your face. The chaps in Islington and their friends at Sega Europe love it so much, in fact, that they want to put it in Football Manager 2005.

One of the new features in FM 2005, the developer's first game since it left Eidos and lost out on the Championship Manager name, is the introduction of thumbnail pictures for all the players in its vast database.

However, as the game progresses and players start to retire, the database needs to replace real players with fictional 'regenerated' players. And that's why SI and Sega love your face - they want you to be one of those players.

To stand a chance of being in the game - i.e. bundled on the disc and shipped to and potentially seen by whoever buys it - all you have to do is submit a digital photograph of yourself and give a few details so that SI can flesh out your fictional player's persona.

There are a few restrictions - notably, shots shouldn't contain any team colours, and ought to be of you between the ages of around 18 and 22, since new players obviously have to look young and sprightly. Never mind if you don't fit that bill, however, because other shots will be used to represent either coaches or physios.

For more information and details of how to get your face into Football Manager 2005, head over to the developer's Face In The Game website and have a read.

Football Manager 2005 is due out on the PC before Christmas this year.

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