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Bits And Bobs: Monday News Roundup

(Updated throughout the day.) Heaven X announces new PC FPS, Disney's Home on the Range due out on GBA.

Polish developer Heaven X has announced a PC first-person shooter called Alex Carver: Futurebrighter, starring a cynical, sarcastic convict who's hell bent on "saving his ass" using a vast arsenal of rather horrible-sounding armaments. In keeping with his bitchy persona, Carver will also have plenty of witty words for his adversaries, as he trails around the edge of the universe visiting prison ships and mysterious planets, and, according to Heaven X, success there will often depend on "tactics, reflex and use of enemy premises and vehicles". Other than that we don't know a great deal, other than Heaven X reckons it will look fabulous - you can judge for yourself thanks to the lone screenshot we've seen so far, which ought to be lurking over there [gestures left] - and that it's due out some time in 2005.

Disney Interactive is planning to launch a spin-off game of Walt Disney Pictures' latest animated feature, Home on the Range, this August 27th, following the film's cinematic release last Friday. Apparently the film will put players in a "race across the West as they track down, outmanoeuvre and capture renegade outlaws," allowing kids to play "as either Buck, the heoric stallion, or Jeb, the cranky, tin can collecting billy goat," capturing "Slim, Rico and the Three Willies" across 15 levels. You can show your kids these screenshots if you're so inclined!

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